Mountain Hare

Found nowhere else in England, the Mountain Hare is a true icon of the Peak District. This hardy species is marvellously adapted to life above ground in an unforgiving environment. Armed with excellent camouflage, a top speed exceeding 60km/h and sharp

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Found nowhere else in England, the Mountain Hare is a true icon of the Peak District. This hardy species is marvelously adapted to life above ground in an unforgiving environment.

Armed with excellent camouflage, a top speed exceeding 60km/h and sharp senses, the mountain hare are a tricky subject and pose the ultimate challenge for wildlife photographers. Careful tracking, patience, a sharp eye and respect are what’s needed to locate this stunning species.

Fortunately, we have been observing and photographing mountain hare for over ten years in Derbyshire. You'll spend a full day learning how to locate and approach the hares respectfully, picking up fieldcraft and photography tips along the way. You’ll remain in the company of outstanding scenery and may also encounter other moorland species such as Red Grouse, Short Eared Owl and Curlew.

With a preference for heather moorland, mountain hares occupy spongy, uneven terrain that’s energy sapping to walk over. We recommend a good level of fitness for this adventure-packed day, but with their white winter pelts, a heather-clad backdrop and maybe even a dusting of snow, we hope our Mountain Hare Workshop will be an experience to remember.

We will do everything we can to ensure your visit is a success, but mountain hare are notoriously sensitive and as with all wild animals, we can never guarantee they'll behave as we expect! We ask that all photographers are understanding of this before booking this workshop.
Please take some time to read through the information on this page. You can check availability and make a booking online by selecting a date from the calendar. Alternatively, contact us directly and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Course: Workshop

Availability: October - April. See calendar for available dates

Price: 1 photographer £150, 2 photographers £240

Deposit: £50 per person

Max group size: 2

  • If you want to spend a full day locating and photographing wild mountain hare within the stunning setting of the Peak District, this workshop is a great choice for you.
  • This workshop is likely to involve a lot of walking across uneven, wet ground. A good level of fitness is essential.
  • An ideal course for anyone with an interest in nature photography and those who want to improve their field craft and photography skills. Beginners may find this workshop challenging.
  • Due to the location of the workshop, there are no toilet facilities or shops nearby.
  • We operate our workshops to minimise disturbance to the mountain hare. Their welfare will be prioritised throughout.
  • Expert advice throughout the day.
  • Flexible starting and finishing times for your session.
  • Unpredictable weather may force this workshop to be postponed at short notice. A new date will be re-arranged, but please keep this in mind when booking accommodation.


  • We recommend lenses between 300mm and 500mm. Zoom lenses give excellent flexibility.
  • Fully charged batteries and plenty of memory cards!
  • Tripods are too cumbersome for the uneven terrain on the moors. We recommend a beanbag for supporting your camera.



  • We urge you to dress for the changing conditions of the outdoors. Regardless of the forecast, warm clothing, a waterproof layer and sturdy walking boots are essential.
  • Tracking Mountain Hare can involve crawling and lying on the ground, so waterproof clothing is advisable, as is dull or neutral clothing.
  • We are likely to encounter uneven ground that can become wet, uneven and slippery. Appropriate footwear with ankle support and sturdy grip is essential.
  • We love to carry a few ‘just in case’ items – waterproof over trousers, a hat, gloves, gaiters and (our favourite), a spare pair of warm, dry socks, are a few suggestions!
  • We may visit parts of the Peak District that are remote and highly exposed to weather. For your own safety, we reserve the right to cancel your booking if you arrive with insufficient clothing for the conditions.  


Anything else?

  • Patience. Approaching our subject successfully takes time.
  • A packed lunch and enough water to keep you going for the day.
  • Any kind of insurance you think is necessary for the experience, such as camera insurance and travel insurance. This is not included in the booking.
  • Guidance and tuition throughout the day with expert knowledge on photography, hares, the location and field craft. 
  • We'll provide some hot water for refreshments on the go, but please bring a packed lunch and plenty of fluids to supply you for the day.
Please get in touch if you wish to book a day's photography with the mountain hares.

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