Woodland Bird Hide

Photograph a range of species including Jays and Woodpeckers

This hide is now closed until Autumn. Please get in touch if you have an enquiry.


Availability: See calendar for available dates
Price: 1 photographer £80, 2 photographers £120
Deposit: £30 per person
Max Photographers: 2
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About the Set Up

Set on farmland on the outskirts of Wirksworth, our Woodland Bird hide offers photographers a setting in which to shoot a variety of bird species at close range. The spotlight, however, is on the notoriously shy Jays that come to feed on peanuts and seeds throughout the day. Through a long-term feeding routine, the Jays have learned that the area around the hide provides a steady supply of food which they are keen to take advantage of. Up to 5 birds have been seen on the feeders together and they will even return after subsequent food top-ups.

Backdrops and perches are as clean and natural as the location provides. Other species include tits, finches and other passerines, woodpecker and sparrowhawk. The hide will comfortably hold two photographers and is positioned to maximise the early morning sunlight when the birds are most active.

Although every attempt is made to ensure the birds visit the feeding station as often as possible, at the end of the day they are completely wild birds and therefore, visits can never be guaranteed.


You can make a booking for this hide online by selecting a date from the calendar. Alternatively you can call 07875449820.

Recommended Equipment

We recommend lenses between 300mm and 500mm. Zoom lenses give excellent flexibility. Please make sure you bring fully charged batteries and plenty of memory cards.

Own a tripod head? Bring it along!

The hide has been built to be tripod-head friendly. We've engineered the hide so tripod heads can be mounted on to the camera ledge giving you a familiar basis for your camera without needing to worry about tripod legs.

Beanbags are provided as standard. You will need a tripod-head with a standard-size mount (3/8 inch).


Comfort is essential to making sure you get the most out of your time in the hide therefore warm clothing is a must. We recommend thermal leggings and tops with a couple of layers on top. The walk to the hide is over relatively flat pasture but this can be muddy so walking boots or sturdy shoes are recommended. Dark upper clothing is desirable.


Tea, coffee, hot water and biscuits are provided to keep you topped up for the day but make sure you bring some lunch with you.

Due to the location of the hide, there are no toilets on site. You should be prepared to remain in the hide for several hours at a time. You can leave whenever you like (there are discreet areas near the hide) although this will of course cause a gap in the birds visiting.