Buzzard Hide

Photograph wild buzzards from our purpose-built hide in Derbyshire

FYI: Due to COVID-19, we're either operating with a reduced number of hide/workshop days or have had to stop taking booking altogether. Dates may open up again in 2022 so please check back again periodically. For more information, please get in touch.

Now a common sight around our towns, as well as our countryside, Buzzards are the UK's most widespread raptor.

These fascinating birds of prey are curious by nature, but years of persecution has made them nervous of humans and photographing them can be a challenge, even for accomplished photographers.

Using an established hide is one of the best ways to photograph such a wild and wary species, allowing you to get up close as they feed, fight and display.

The Peak Nature buzzard hide was established in 2011 on a private farm just outside the popular market town of Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

The buzzards nest close by and are attracted to the site using road kill at times when the amount of natural prey is waning, increasing the likelihood that they’ll visit the hide to feed.

We avoid habituating the buzzards by staggering the food supply, so rest assured that any buzzards you encounter are completely wild.

We have been observing the site's buzzards for nearly ten years and have learned much about their behaviour, habits and even the characters of individual birds.

We provide advice on arrival and will do all we can to ensure your session is a success, but these are wild birds and can always surprise us, so it's important to us that all visitors are understanding of this before booking a session in our hide.

It’s a privilege to witness natural behaviour at such close quarters and we hope to share this with you if you choose to book a session in our hide.

Please take some time to read through the information on this page. You can check availability and make a booking online by selecting a date from the calendar. Alternatively, contact us directly and we'll answer any questions you may have.

Course: Wildlife Photography Hide

Availability: October - April. See calendar for available dates

Price: 1 photographer £100, 2 photographers £150 for a full day session

Deposit: £40 per person

Max group size: 2

  • If you want to photograph wild buzzards and you're prepared to spend a full day in a purpose-built photography hide, this is a great choice for you.
  • Our hide can comfortably fit two photographers.
  • Due to the location of the hide, there are no toilets on site.
  • We operate the hide to minimise our impact and encourage natural behaviour. These are wild birds and all visitors should be mindful that visits can never be guaranteed.
  • Advice on arrival from a professional photographer.
  • Flexible departure times for your session - we just ask that you give us notice.
  • Complimentary refreshments.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the hide.
  • To maximise your chances of photographing the buzzards, we recommend entering the hide before sunrise. You can depart at any time, but returning to the hide will deter the buzzards from visiting. You will be escorted to the hide on arrival and when you leave.
  • You should be prepared to remain in the hide for several hours at a time.



  • We recommend lenses between 300mm and 500mm. Zoom lenses give excellent flexibility.
  • Fully charged batteries and plenty of memory cards!
  • Own a tripod head? Bring it along! The hide is tripod-head friendly, giving you a familiar basis for your camera without needing to worry about tripod legs.You will need a tripod-head with a standard size mount (3/8 inch).
  • Beanbags are provided if required.


  • Warm clothing is a must. Sitting in a hide can be chilly, even when the sun is shining. We recommend wearing thermal leggings and tops with plenty of layers.
  • Dark upper clothing is desirable to obscure any movement from within the hide.
  • As always in the great outdoors, the pasture around the hide can become wet, uneven, muddy and slippery. Please wear appropriate footwear such as walking boots for your short walk to the hide.

Anything else?

  • Patience. Even when the buzzards are hungry and keen, it’s likely that you’ll have to wait for them to arrive. Please remain quiet and respectful while you wait.
  • We enjoy listening to podcasts or music while we wait (through headphones, of course), but you may prefer to bring a book or to doodle in a sketchbook.
  • Any kind of insurance you think is necessary for the experience, such as camera insurance and travel insurance. This is not included in the booking.


  • Tea, coffee, hot water and biscuits are provided to keep you topped up for the day, but please bring some lunch with you.
  • Expert knowledge and advice on arrival to set you up for the day.
  • Car parking on-site, just a short distance from the hide.
Please get in touch if you wish to book a session in the hide.

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