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The latest footage from the buzzard hide.

Peak District mountain hares have got to be one of the hardiest animals in the National Park. Some wintry conditions offset by some good company made for a great day...

The latest footage from the buzzard hide

A recent journey into the Peak District reminded me just how important the quality of light is when trying to create compelling images.

Subscription based software is becoming more and more common but it can also be a bit daunting. Here's how I fared when movingto Adobe Lightroom CC.

It's not always practical to carry lots of gear on a walking holiday so follow these tips to get the most of your camera while enjoying the great outdoors.

Any nature photographer will tell you that having high quality outdoor clothing can go a long way to making you more comfortable when you are out shooting. My friend Matt...

Are there any consequences to giving wild animals names and does it detract from their wildness?

With a number of customer bookings and a short trip away, it was high time I got back to the local buzzards.

Let's add a real time clock to our trail cam and then look at a casing to house it all.

In Autumn, male red deer make their voices heard across moorland as they size each other up during the annual rut.

Get a solid foundation in wildlife photography by shooting species close to your home.

If you're serious about photography don't cut corners when it comes to the core items of equipment - they'll serve you well in the long run.

Everyone's path to success is different. There is no set formula for how to become a successful wildlife photographer (or artist or writer or anything for that matter) but there...