Too often we overlook what's under our noses and this is especially true for me when it comes to photography locations so I went about trying to capture some nice light at a site not far from where I live.

Just up the trail from my village is a well-known climbing spot called Harboro Rocks. It's a south facing clump of stone jutting out over the High Peak trail and on a clear night, the sunset turns the rock a wonderful peachy colour.

It's been one of my local targets for several years but I keep overlooking it since it's right on my doorstep. Tonight I made the effort to see what compositions were possible whilst trying omit the telegraph lines and the factory that sit adjacent to the rock face. I was only able to make a few images as the sun dipped beneath a cloud bank and was then hidden behind the horizon - all in all about 3 minutes.

I used a ND graduated filter on the top half of the image to equal out the tone in the sky and the land. It's a nice start but there's plenty more angles to be explored up there.