Common Buzzard landing on perch at photography hide The buzzard hide continues to be active into November with the birds coming down and staying for a good 30 minutes at a time. Initially the magpies were first down to the bait but watch the right hand side of the video closely and you'll see the Juvenile Buzzard coming into the shot low to the ground to arrive at the perch. It's not long before the buzzard asserts its authority over the magpies but watch as one of them tugs at the buzzards tail, harassing it to move on and free up the food. From previous videos, you can see the buzzards visit the hide at varying times throughout the day and most mornings I see them drifting past overhead.

The buzzard hide is situated to the right, out of view of the camera so the background for images is off to the left consisting of a dense hedge and tree line. The perch you can see in the footage gives the buzzards an approach to the hide and they often use it to clean their beaks after feeding. This gives the opportunity to photograph the birds off the ground and away from the food which is positioned to make sure the perch is not in shot. Despite it being early in the season, I've had a number of bookings so places are filling up. There's still not much sign of frost yet (and snow seems a long way off) but come January/February this should change, however, just now the volume of activity more than makes up for the lack of weather. If you want to make an enquiry you can do so on the hide pages: