Subscription based software is becoming more and more common but it can also be a bit daunting. Here's how I fared when movingto Adobe Lightroom CC.

I'm a long time user of Adobe Lightroom. As someone who wants to spend as little time sat at a desk as possible, Lightroom provides everything I need in a photo cataloguing/processing/distribution tool without compromising on quality. So when it was announced that the long term development of Lightroom was going to continue as a subscription based plan, I quickly became concerned my carefully constructed workflow might be disrupted and I'd eventually be stuck using aging software.

Back when I was getting started in photography I tried a lot of different software (often multiple programs side by side) to try and find the perfect fit for how I wanted to work versus producing a high quality image at the end of the editing process. Apple Aperture, Extensis Portfolio, Picasa, Apple Photos have all, at some point, been installed on my computer but, in one way or another, failed to stand the test of time. In some cases the software has been discontinued or has only dealt with a specific part of my workflow so, in some ways, it's not hard to see why Lightroom stands out above the rest.