About Us

Like most people working in conservation and environmental roles, I've had an interest in nature my whole life. Growing up, the initial fascination with the animals and plants in my back garden expanded into broader questions about the value of the natural world, experiencing it and the impact it has on us as a species. I first picked up a camera while studying biology at university and haven’t stopped making images since.

Now, with nearly 10 years’ experience, I have travelled as far afield as Alaska to photograph the world’s natural history, however the vast majority of my work is concerned with the area surrounding my home and the nearby Peak District National Park. Working locally means I’m able to build up a deep knowledge of the wildlife nearby which inevitably leads to more interesting images and a fulfilling way of working.

A Brief Biography

Growing up on the outskirts of Glasgow wasn't the wildest of childhoods but I remember always having a longing to get into the countryside where it felt like there was more 'nature'. Studying biology gave me an academic appreciation of the science of nature while the photography helped me improve my practical and artistic skills. After moving about the UK for a year or so, I found a job with the RSPB in Derbyshire where I enjoyed a public engagement role educating people about the wildlife and habitats that surrounded them.

After leaving the RSPB, I now split my time between nature photography and consultancy for the web for charities and local organisations around the Peak District.

I've written articles and produced images for national selling magazines, been interviewed for BBC and local radio, run tuition for various organisations and been shortlisted for the Scottish Nature Photography Awards and Festival De l’Oiseau Et De La Nature, France.

Organisations I've worked with